Warm White LED Christmas Lights

lluminate your Christmas with our stunning warm white LED lights, available in Cluster and Compact styles. Beautiful and versatile, these lights create a classic, cozy glow that radiates the spirit of the season throughout your home, indoors or out.

Cluster Warm White LED Lights
Designed to dazzle, our Cluster LED lights are beautifully spaced with a 1/2" interval to provide a star-studded effect. Choose from a strand length of 23ft or 33ft, each loaded with either 448 or 768 bulbs. Customize the look to match your holiday decor with options for clear or dark green wire colors.

The Cluster LED lights come with a 13ft lead wire, perfect for reaching even the most challenging outlets. With 8 light functions at your fingertips, you can personalize your light display from a subtle glow to a vibrant twinkle. And with a robust 50,000-hour warranty, you'll enjoy these lights for many seasons to come.

Compact Warm White LED Lights
Maximize your Christmas sparkle with our Compact LED lights. These lights offer a more dense lighting option, with a generous 1" spacing for a luscious, full glow. They come in impressive lengths of 46ft, 84ft, or 121ft, equipped with a bulb count of 500, 1,000, or 1,500.

Choose from clear or dark green wiring to perfectly blend with your tree or outdoor landscape. The Compact lights also feature a 10ft lead wire, giving you plenty of flexibility for your decorating needs.

Just like the Cluster Lights, our Compact Lights offer 8 distinct light functions and a solid 50,000-hour warranty, ensuring they remain a part of your Christmas tradition for years to come.

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