The Ultimate Christmas Emporium

Nestled in the heart of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, The Incredible Christmas Place stands as a beacon of yuletide cheer, enchanting visitors with the magic of Christmas every day of the year. Founded in 1986 by Hurshel and Marian Biggs, this family-owned business has blossomed from a quaint gift shop into a 43,000 square-foot wonderland, earning its reputation as one of the top Christmas and collectible stores in the United States.

A Dream Turned Reality

The journey of The Christmas Place began beside Pigeon Forge's historic Old Mill. Here, Hurshel and Marian Biggs' vision of a year-round Christmas shopping paradise first took root. Over the years, through dedication and a passion for the holiday spirit, their small store expanded, transforming into a Christmas emporium revered by both locals and visitors from afar.

A Legacy of Excellence

Throughout its history, The Christmas Place has not only been a hub for holiday shopping but also a landmark of award-winning retail. Recognized for its exceptional merchandising and decorating achievements, including the prestigious “NOEL Retailer of the Year” award, the store continues to exemplify excellence in the Christmas Decoration Industry.

More Than Just a Store

At The Christmas Place, the spirit of Christmas is brought to life through beautifully themed trees, unique decorations, and an array of festive displays. This year-round beauty has garnered attention far and wide, making it a chosen setting for numerous TV specials and magazine features.

Expanding the Christmas Joy

In a recent endeavor to spread holiday cheer, The Incredible Christmas Place proudly opened its doors in Mt. Juliet, TN. Located at 2250 N. Mt. Juliet Road, this new location echoes the original store's charm, offering an extensive selection of Christmas decorations, ornaments, and gifts. Each visit to our Mt. Juliet store promises a delightful immersion into the joyous world of Christmas.

Visit Us and Be Part of Our Story

As we continue our journey, The Incredible Christmas Place invites you to become part of our history. Whether you're shopping for the perfect Christmas decoration, seeking holiday inspiration, or simply basking in the festive atmosphere, our doors in Pigeon Forge and Mt. Juliet are open to welcome you. Join us and experience the wonder and joy of Christmas, no matter the season.