Harry Potter Series by Department 56

Enter the magical world of Harry Potter with our spellbinding collection from Department 56, where every fan's dream comes to life with stunning accuracy and detail. This collection of highly detailed, lighted buildings has been crafted with meticulous care, using the exact specifications from the movie studio to ensure an unbelievably lifelike experience. Marvel at the majesty of Hogwarts Castle, feel the cozy charm of Hagrid’s Hut, explore the mystical wonders of Ollivanders Wand Shop, and relive the excitement of a Quidditch match. Each piece in this collection is a testament to the enchanting world created by J.K. Rowling, brought to life with the expertise of Department 56. Perfect for collectors and fans alike, this Harry Potter series allows you to recreate the magic and adventure of the films, right in your own home. It's more than just a collection; it's an invitation to step into the spellbinding world of witches, wizards, and magical creatures, and to keep the wonder of Harry Potter alive all year round.

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First-Years Harry and Ron
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