Custom Floral Design

Wreaths, Garlands, and Bows

Custom Creations to fit your style and vision

How custom is custom?
We start by analyzing the measurements and space that you'd like to have your custom floral piece displayed. Then we work with you to understand the style and aesthetic you are hoping to achieve for your Christmas decor.

Once our designers have this information, they can start doing what they do best!

The custom floral pieces will then be shipped directly to you ready to hang!

How do I order?
You'll simply start by filling out the form below. Once submitted, a member of our design team will contact you within 2 business days.
What info will we need?
1. Budget
2. Display Location
3. Measurements of display location
4. Color/Theme/Style (We want to know your aesthetic)
5. Would you like your design to have lights?
6. How many custom pieces will you need?