Christmas tree Holiday decorating themes

Make your Christmas tree stand out this year! Browse our designer-inspired decorating themes for easy combinations to meet your Holiday decorating needs. Each Christmas tree decor theme features ribbon, floral stems, christmas ornaments, and more. Find a design you love, browse the enitre selection, and easily make a memorable Christmas tree that you and your family are sure to love.

christmas cabin theme

Decorate your tree with a true cabin feel, with black and white buffalo check ribbon and decorations, the famous red Christmas truck ornaments, and rustic cabin decor.

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Elf Theme

Elf on the Shelf always brings magic to Christmas! Create exciting and fun displays in your Christmas tree with Elf and his friends. Adventures await when you combine designer ideas with Elf.

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Farmhouse Theme

Farms are amazing! Celebrate with a Christmas tree filled with your favorite farm animas, cows, chickens and roosters, pig decorations and more. Don't forget the traditional popcorn garland we've all loved from childhood!

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Gnome Theme

I'll be Gnome for Christmas! Will you? Find you perfect gnome christmas decorations here.

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Home of the Brave Theme

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. Shop patriotic ornaments, flag ornaments, military Christmas decorations - Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard and more.

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Jack Frost Theme

Shop snowy christmas ornaments, burlap decorations, and more in our Jack Frost decor theme.

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Let It Snow Theme

Blue, silver, and white decorations such to make your Holidays brighter this year.

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Under the Mistletoe Theme

Snowmen ornaments, cardinal christmas accessories, and many birch decorations.

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North Pole Theme

Bring the North Pole to your Christmas tree this year with Santa ornaments, ribbon, and more!

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Nutcracker Theme

Nutcracker Suite with Clara ornaments, Nutcracker Suite Prince, and more.

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Pet Theme

Pets are part of the family - don't forget them this year with their very own pet ornament.

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Smoky Mountain Theme

No Christmas tree is complete without a little bit of the Smoky Mountains. Find great black bear ornaments and buffalo check to bring your Smoky Mountain Christmas to life.

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Sweetest Season Theme

There’s nothing sweeter for the holidays than baked goods, candy canes and gingerbread houses. Bring your home decor to life with our candy inspired Christmas tree theme

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Walk in the Woods

Woodland ornaments, frosty decor and more with this designer-themed tree decor.

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